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Balancing Illness and Art

I’m not necessarily obviously ill. I don’t have a physical disability that you can see. I have an eating disorder however, alongside an autism diagnosis, anxiety, depression and migraines. As much as I try to keep these things at bay, they inevitably end up affecting the way I work. It’s an art in itself, really,Continue reading “Balancing Illness and Art”

Writing a book about eating disorders

For those of you who don’t know already, my next book is a story about a teenage boy suffering with anorexia. It definitely won’t be a typical commercial novel. It’s not a huge, amazing high concept story that will attract a huge, guaranteed audience. Unfortunately that’s a risk with all of my novels. I’m notContinue reading “Writing a book about eating disorders”

How Being an Author has Helped me Grow as a Person

Forgive me, but this particular post is going to include a lot of talking about me. However, most of it will apply to other people and other writers. When I started writing my first book at 14, I was an anxious wreck. I was having panic attacks every day, I was very isolated from friendsContinue reading “How Being an Author has Helped me Grow as a Person”

Exploring Representation of Eating Disorders in Media

When I say eating disorders, your first thought is likely about anorexia, maybe bulimia. You likely imagine a young, white teenage girl as the sufferer. This is how eating disorders, or EDs, are represented in the media. In books, in films, in TV shows; which there’s hardly any of in the first place. Perhaps theContinue reading “Exploring Representation of Eating Disorders in Media”

How Mental Health can Influence Creative Work

I first became aware of mental health illnesses when I first started secondary school. During those years, I was suffering from social anxiety and depression, although for a long time I didn’t even realise they were real conditions. I also became aware that I was autistic while in secondary school, which helped me realise whyContinue reading “How Mental Health can Influence Creative Work”