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Here you will find all of my books, including some reviews and a link to Amazon.


Iclarness was once a great nation that carried the world on its shoulders. Until one day, when it was mysteriously attacked by the ocean. Since then, no one has dared to go beyond the Shallows, resulting in Sepistan’s resource and population crisis.

Until Oscar Norlock decides to take on the challenge to prove the world wrong.

Follow Oscar’s mission to prove everyone wrong, to take on the challenges of the mysterious ocean waters and the horrors they hold within. Unmapped island, unknown creatures and bizarre weather changes- are these real events, or is he losing his mind?

From bestselling author Alexandra Killworth, this Lovecraftian-esque psychological horror thriller follows a young man trying to rescue his country from self destruction, by putting his life on the line to explore the hidden wonders and horrors of the ocean, and unravel the mystery of the devastation of Iclarness.

‘The very best- you cannot put this book down.’


‘It took over so quickly, I didn’t realise I was sick’

Jonathon is your average teenage boy going through the motions- school, friends, relationships and hobbies galore. But anorexia doesn’t discriminate. When his family sparks a health and diet spree, Jonathon finds himself obsessed with losing weight,
Weight isn’t the only thing he loses though. As he struggles through exams, rocky friendships, blooming relationships and complicated feelings, Jonathon loses piece after piece of his starved soul to anorexia.
This is the story of a boy and his parasite, Ana.

‘A cutting example of the brutal truth of living with an eating disorder’


‘They say the Blind Man’s music box will grant any wish if you listen to its tune. That is, if you are without malicious intent.’

The great, crime riddled city of Runnary Vil is in the midst of a harsh, ruthless winter. A young man’s wealthy father is brutally murdered, leaving him helpless on the streets. That is, until he encounters two mischievous women Sabriana and Bella, with their own secrets to hide. The tale of the Blind Man’s music box triggers a chain of events, leading the trio down a deadly path of betrayal and skewed morality with a grand price to pay.


Imagine Earth, a world ravaged by disease, the HVC virus. Imagine it empty and devoid of life, with one girl remaining: immune to, both, the virus and the absolute loneliness the world offers her. And then imagine that, from Scotland, another survivor has travelled to the coastal town of Polperro in England, to meet her. When the two begin to bond and a new hope for the future embraces both of them, tragedy strikes and threatens to destroy everything. Will they remain immune to the oncoming danger or ultimately fall beneath and lose everything?

‘ Gripping story that sucks you in to caring about the characters and leaves you wanting more ‘

‘A post apocalyptic story that tugs at your heart’

It has a great, emotional story and for such a young author, she’s done an amazing job. It’s a really fun read.’

‘Once you start reading, you can’t put it down. For a young author to write this is brilliant, what an imagination.’


Feryl is a young student at an incredibly strict, all girls school known as Rosemerth Boarding School. Already a fish out of water, she stumbles into a deadly conspiracy theory and plot after investigating into several missing girls in her year group. Things spiral out of her control and Feryl is forced to make difficult decisions, leading a deadly end.

‘Great read for a young adult with suspense and angst that makes it totally believable.’


Jackson wakes up one day in a strange house. He has no memory of how he got there and no way back to his old life. Invisible to others, the only person who can see him is a young girl, Sasha. Forced to work together, the pair must confront dangers that run deeper than either of them first believed.

‘Couldn’t put the book down, the story is great for such a young author.’


It’s been 5 years since Alison lost her father, along with her love for photography, after a tragic incident changed her life forever. Now, with the summer holidays just round the corner, that spark has been re-ignited, and emotions soar high as she meets a young man online in America. Her life begins to fall apart, and she makes drastic decisions to find the young man and change her life.Can two damaged souls find love over distance?

‘It sparks so much emotion, especially near the end. The characters are awesome. It honestly might be one of my favourite books ever.’

‘Such a realistic family setting, relatable characters and development- with a gripping climax and heart warming end.’

‘For such a young author, it was an enjoyable read.’

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