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About Me

I am Alexandra Killworth, a young author currently based in Gloucestershire. My main genre is Young Adult, although my books vary from dystopia horror to contemporary romance. I like to be new and exciting in my work, and I don’t like sticking to just one genre when I want to try everything.

Alongside writing, I am a mother to 2 African Pygmy Hedgehogs, a bengal cat and a ferret! I run a small business where I sell customised birthday boxes for ferrets, which you can find on Facebook.

I am also an artist! I like drawing people and characters, as well as my own flower-filled silhouette style pieces of art. This is more of a hobby than a career, and is simply something I enjoy doing in my spare time.

In both my writing and my art, I do like to address sensitive subjects that are really important to me; specifically, mental health. As I suffer from some mental health illnesses myself, I believe it’s important to express my feelings and thoughts on the subject in various forms, and you’ll often find darker themes of suicide, self harm, depression, and so on.

Praise for Alexandra Killworth

‘Gripping story that sucks you in to caring about the characters and leaves you wanting more’


‘It draws you in and makes you want to read on and on and on.’


‘I had a great time reading it and it’s so emotional. It has a great story and for such a young author she’s done an amazing job.’


‘Great read for a young adult with suspense and angst that makes it totally believable.’

-The Last of the Missing

‘For such a young author, it was an enjoyable read.’

-A Shot in the Dark

‘Would recommend for readers that enjoy historical settings, plot lines and an element of magic.’

-Blind Man’s Song

‘Couldn’t put the book down, the story is great for such a young author.’


‘Relatable characters and development with a gripping climax and heart warming end.’

-A Shot in the Dark

‘The writing is amazing and carries the story like sprinters in a relay.’


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