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INDIE is a monthly online magazine dedicated to featuring and promoting independent authors and artists from around the world. Every month has a different theme, with different pieces of writing and art to go alongside it. Each issue contains creative writing (poetry, short stories, chapters), interviews and articles about the specific theme.

I create this magazine on my own and it’s completely free to download and view from this website. It comes out at the end of every month. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for announcements on what the next theme is, and if you’d like to submit some work, DM me or use the contact page to get in touch for more information. Below the slideshow is a list of everyone who has taken part in an issue of Indie, so you’ll be able to find some amazing talents!

Contributors- Writers, Artists, and so much more

The following people are some of my amazing friends who have contributed to the first 2 issues of INDIE, by submitting their work and helping me promote the magazine. Check them all out!

  • Dashie Marcella (@dashiedraws_)
  • Nabeeha Asim (@just.nabeeha)
  • Samantha Jean (@samanthajean.writer)
  • Debbie Young (@debbieyoungauthor)
  • Myriam Tillson (@myriamtillson)
  • Rachel Burton (@rachelbwriter)
  • Futarino Kizuna (@futarinokizuna_)
  • Joshua Hall (@josh_hall_author)
  • Harrie Williams (@harriewilliamsauthor)
  • G.D.Bubb (@g.d.bubb)
  • Lucia Lovatt (@paintingsbylucia)
  • S Anne (@s_annewriter)
  • Sophia Yamamoto (@sophiayamamoto.poetry)
  • Laura Denise (@bylauradenise)
  • Geoff Pope (@wordstoeternity)
  • MzSassy (@mzsassytheauthor)
  • @chewing_the_cud
  • John Rossman
  • @word_enchantress
  • Christina Brandal (@christinabrandal)
  • Leann Mor (@leeannmor4)
  • Sarah Faison (@sarahfaisonbooks)
  • Dereck (@heartbreak_revenge)
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