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Not Your Average Writer

Welcome to the home of indie author Alexandra Killworth. Here, you can explore her various artwork and photography, request prints or commissions, check out her books and more.

HYSTERIA : Out now

Iclarness was once a great nation that carried the world on its shoulders. Until one day, when it was mysteriously attacked by the ocean. Since then, no one has dared to go beyond the Shallows, resulting in Sepistan’s resource and population crisis.

Until Oscar Norlock decides to take on the challenge to prove the world wrong.

Follow Oscar’s mission to prove everyone wrong, to take on the challenges of the mysterious ocean waters and the horrors they hold within. Unmapped island, unknown creatures and bizarre weather changes- are these real events, or is he losing his mind?

From bestselling author Alexandra Killworth, this Lovecraftian-esque psychological horror thriller follows a young man trying to rescue his country from self destruction, by putting his life on the line to explore the hidden wonders and horrors of the ocean, and unravel the mystery of the devastation of Iclarness.

You can buy it now using the Amazon link below!

Gripping story that sucks you in to caring about the characters and leaves you wanting more


Realistic family setting, relatable characters- with a gripping climax and heart warming end

A Shot in the Dark


Alexandra Killworth is a young author, artist and photographer based in Gloucestershire, UK. She writes a range of genres, including YA contemporary romance bestseller ‘A Shot in the Dark’.