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2019 Favourites: Music, Art and Books

So it’s late October in 2019, and this year has been wild. I’ll talk more about my year as a whole in December but for now I’m going to be talking about my 2019 favourites. So basically, my favourite music, art and books that I found in 2019 and absolutely love. Pretty self explanatory. Music:Continue reading “2019 Favourites: Music, Art and Books”

Why Photography is one of the Most Freestyle Arts

There are a number of different artistic subjects and hobbies out there to try and take part in. From painting and drawing, to sculpting, to playing the cello or violin, to photography, and so on. I truly believe that there is something out there for everyone, and that there’s always something artistic that even theContinue reading “Why Photography is one of the Most Freestyle Arts”

Inspiration from the Arts: A Cure for Artist/Writers Block

One of the key factors in any creative subject is finding inspiration. In a nutshell, inspiration is something that motivates you to draw, write, play music- whatever your medium is. It could give you specific ideas or just motivate you. Either way, it’s an important factor, and the days you lack inspiration can make itContinue reading “Inspiration from the Arts: A Cure for Artist/Writers Block”