INDIE Magazine

Indie Magazine

The online monthly magazine dedicated to independent authors and artists.

INDIE is an online magazine that focuses on independent authors and artists. Each issue contains creative writing, such as poetry, short stories and chapters, as well as interviews and articles on a variety of topics. Each issue focuses on a different topic which allows for a broad range of discussions and art to be shown.

If you are an indie author/artist and would like to submit your work to be featured in a future issue, you can use the contact page or DM me on social media for more information.


Below are a list of the creators who have contributed to the past 2 issues. Check them out!

  • Dashie Marcella (@dashiedraws_)
  • Nabeeha Asim (@just.nabeeha)
  • Samantha Jean (@samanthajean.writer)
  • Rachel Burton (@rachelbwriter)
  • Joshua Hall (@josh_hall_author)
  • G.D. Bubb (@g.d.bubb)
  • Matthew Earl (@poemsfromafracturedmind)
  • Myriam Tillson (@myriamtillson)
  • Futarino Kizuna (futarinokizuna_)
  • Debbie Young (@debbieyoungauthor)
  • Harrie Williams (@harriewilliamsauthor)
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