2019 Overview

So, 2019 was my first official year as an author. I published my first book in November 2018, and the other 4 throughout 2019. It’s also the year I really nailed down my art style and started experimenting more in photography. Today though, I’m going to have a little look at what I did in 2019, what went well, what I learned, and so on.

The obvious point as I mentioned before is that I published 4 more books. And they got longer and longer, and they’re all of different genres. I definitely still think that’s my way to go. I think I will be focusing more on YA but I don’t want to force myself to stick to a specific genre like romance or horror, because I just have so many ideas in all sorts of genres. That might change in the future of course, but that’s what I think for now. I started the year completely clueless about promotion and marketing and I’ve learnt so much. I’ve learnt a lot about networking, about ads, about agents and publishing, and I’ve connected with more fellow authors.

Little things I did include setting up this website, which gives me a good way to connect with my audience and showcase both my books and my photos. I’m currently working on a way of showcasing my art too. I started doing commissions and my confidence has definitely grown. My books have been put into some local school libraries, and already have reviews.

A big thing that happened was my creative writing session at Pittville school back in September. That was absolutely huge for me, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but thought I never could because of my anxiety. So, definitely a huge success for me in 2019. I hope to do more things like that, maybe even move on to doing signings or festivals.

I started writing my 6th book, ‘My Parasite, Ana’ which is about a queer teenage boy with anorexia. This is a pretty serious, personal story to me and I aim to have it completed in the next few months. It’ll be my longest yet, but definitely isn’t a high concept and won’t interest most people. I don’t mind that. I just want it to have an impact and have the message conveyed well enough.

In my personal life, this year wasn’t particularly good. I was diagnosed with anorexia and a lot of other things happened that I won’t get into much detail. That being said, I’m learning to take these things in my stride, and utilise them for my benefit. Like using my experience with anorexia to spread a really important message. I don’t want my illness or my problems to define me or control me, so this is a way of preventing that.

Anyway, that’s my quick overview of 2019. Obviously, this is a new year and a new decade, so I can’t wait to see what it’ll bring me. Happy holidays!

Published by Alexandra Killworth

I'm Alexandra Killworth, YA author, freelance artist and photographer and mental health activist.

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